My name is Jon Kellett, creator of photographic fine art.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, I present to you images created both here and further afield. But first, a little about me…

I first started creating photographic images in the year 2000 which, as well as marking the end of one millennium and heralding the start of another, was a time of great change for me. Whilst I’d previously had a desire to artistically express myself, finding the right release, the right form, was elusive until then.

When I picked up my first camera, I had no idea how important photography would become to me, or how it would open my eyes to viewing the world in a different way. The camera cemented the change in my thinking that had started years before, not only allowing me to view the world in a more nuanced way, but actually rewarding me for developing that view.

The technical aspect of photography is inescapable, but that is only one factor when striving to express one’s artistic intent through this medium.

I believe that passion, ethics and compassion should always form an inexorable feature of one’s work. Working this way, one can create images of intent – Produce images that go beyond mere technical decisions and succeed in projecting a desired artistic vision.

Photography has changed how I see the world, now I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to show you my vision of our world, it’s places, inhabitants and wonders.


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